Friday, May 1, 2009

Sing "If We Sleep Together Would You Be My Friend Forever" to the night

Christina got a hold of me and asked if I wanted to go for coffee and I obliged. I biked to Tim Horton's even though it was raining. We sat and talked about everything for two hours as we dried off. Catching up is always fun with Christina.

She asked me if I wanted to swing though she already knew the answer. She walked and I rode to the park slowly, all the while enjoying the misting of the late April evening. There was what Christina called an ocean beneath the swings. She had boots to keep her feet dry, but I was not so lucky. She swang (her word not mine) and I balanced along the wooden beam that separates the swing sets from the grass. As I walked we sang Mirah and Belle & Sebastian and Sufjan Stevens to the night.

When she alighted from the swing she was ankle deep in water, but her feet were warm in second-hand boots. As I walked and sang I took earthworms from rocks and placed them more comfortably on the grass. I retold the story I read to my nieces on my birthday and Christina and I danced on the wooden beam as the rain swelled around us.

We walked around in the dark and found ourselves at the entrance to the forest, the entire park looks different from that place at that time. It is a shame that it goes unnoticed so often.

It was very late and very dark, so I accompanied Christina home. We sang Mirah most of the way, and I avoided crushing the worms that lay on the sidewalk.

When I finally arrived home every part of me was wet, I dried off in my room, the light bulb had burned out yesterday and I didn't bother to replace it.

It was wonderful.