Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Grace part II

I got on the bus today and sat beside a nondescript girl. I was a little annoyed when her 90s dance rap came through her headphones a little louder than I would have appreciated.
Then I realized, she was grace, and a smile creeped across my face. I didn't expect I'd ever see her again, and here she was beside me by coincidence... again.
I looked at her to try and see her long earrings or bright eyeshadow, but I saw neither. Her fingernails were much shorter than I expected. The music changed to Coldplay, recent Coldplay and I smiled at how enigmatic this girl is, to me anyway.
I took off my sunglasses and noticed that she was wearing eyeshadow, only it was lavender and much lighter than what I had seen her wear before, she wore earrings as well, but they dangled shorter than I wanted them to.
When the bus arrived at Mac, I hung around for a second so I could follow her. The only bubble came from the gum she chewed. I smiled but was a little disappointed. I said hello to my friend Bri, and grace was lost in the shuffle.

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