Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I get off the b-line at Queen street, near Casbah.
The weather is too bad to walk from main street all the way to the other side of campus.

I had to wait about 10 minutes for another bus to come by. I was a little unimpressed.
When the bus finally got there I got a spot near the back beside a girl with dark, rich eyeshadow and dangling earrings. She wore thick woolen mittens and Jazz leaked from her headphones. I tried not to bother her with my schoolbag.

I alighted from the bus and walked towards the student center, pausing for a moment to check the time in front of the museum. As I began walking again I noticed bubbles rising in the sky. There was a steady stream of them coming from a group walking ahead of me.

I was so caught off guard. A single bubble approached me and I popped it with my breath. I walked a little faster and noticed that the girl blowing bubbles was the girl I sat beside on the bus. I smiled widely and she continued to blow bubbles in the cold.

She screwed the cap back on her jar of bubbles, placed it in her pocket and entered the student center, I followed a moments after she did.

I caught up to her, tapped her on the shoulder and quietly said, "Thank you".

The girl with the woolen mittens responded, "Grace".


  1. I'm heading out in a few minutes, but I leave you with a fresh Grizzly Bear cover. :)
    It's sort of shaky and doesn't have any editing. Recoded straight to my sampler on my kitchen floor this morning.


    I'll probably dress it up with backing vocals 'n' shit later tonight. Have a pleasant evening!

  2. Thank you! I'm really thrilled that you like it that much. There are certain parts that sort of make me cringe, but I guess that what musicians/artists do when it comes to their own works.

    I didn't add much more, just some light, sparse accents, I didn't want to make it some huge over produced thing. Here's the final product, or for the time being anyways:


    Thanks again for listening to my stuff, it means a lot to me.

    Sorry that my last message was so short, I had to rush out to make to the yoga class at the YMCA, haha. I ended up sitting down next to my high school art teacher, without noticing it was her. Hilarity ensued.

    How did the scones turn out?! I'm very familiar with spending some on the kitchen floor, as you hear. Sometimes I'll just lay on the floor in the sunshine during the daytime, playing guitar, or something equally melancholy. I'm very dramatic like that...

    What does the rest of the evening have in store for you? Whatever it may be, I hope it is highly enjoyable.

    Thanks again!

  3. As weird as it sounds, I really enjoy cleaning and doing dishes. There's a feeling of profound satisfaction that I get every time I vacuum/organize/clean. I suppose it isn't a bad time.

    I'm getting very very tired so this is going to be brief. If you have MSN, add me to yr list, perhaps?

  4. That is an incredible coincidence. I actually almost put that recording session on that CD for you...very odd.
    How are you doing on this beautiful Friday